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Meet The Builder: Chomo Santana

The houses built and renovated by Teal Point Custom Homes are breathtaking, but what we love even more about this local PNW builder is their care and attention to detail in everything they do. Teal Point Custom Homes will provide 100% dedication to superior craftsmanship with top management to guarantee the success of your next home.

Meet The Builder // Chomo Santana with Teal Point Custom Homes

April: Tell me a little bit about how you got started in the business Chomo: Teal Point was founded in 1999 by my business partner, Wynn Dozier, and myself. I was doing land development at the time, and he was doing concrete work. I had developed a 90 or-so-lot subdivision in Oregon City, and he was wanting to get into building. We thought this could be a great fit and a great connection. He is 10 days older than I am, and we both kind of came from the trade, from small towns, high work ethic, compliment to a compliment to my skills and his.

April: What makes you so unique in comparison to some of the other builders? Chomo: I would say that from a business perspective, we were doing high-end residential construction and during the downturn, the market fell off the cliff at the end of 2007-08 and we were fortunate enough to keep building. We had some good clients at the time, and we had some unique projects that allowed us to continue forward. At the same time, we decided what do we need to do differently? We knew that some of our competition was either going out of business, going bankrupt, or retiring. So we thought, why not just do more? I felt we needed to have a full-encompassing platform with architecture, interior design, and construction in-house. Because what we had found over the years is that the most successful projects were the ones that had good energy. We call it a four-legged stool. And that’s client, builder, architect, and designer. And when you’re all working on the same team, everybody has the right energy and the right vision from day one. Those projects are very successful. And the success of those projects is really in the details of the budgets, details in expectations, details in the design, details in construction management, and details in scheduling. And that’s what we worked really hard at. By the end of 2010, we had that platform fully established where we had everything in-house. So for us, I’d say that’s what separates us from everybody else.

April: When you compare what you’ve built in Oregon, do you see an opportunity here in the market in Boise? Chomo: Absolutely, yes. I think Boise is growing at a great pace. I think people’s expectations of the quality of construction out here are much higher than it’s been since I can remember coming some of the first times. And that will continue to improve. As we get more out-of-state folks looking to relocate to Boise, that will continue to go up.

April: Do you foresee bringing new product in? Chomo: We do, yeah. We tend to go to all the international builder shows and just look for new content, and new material, figuring out how to utilize all those new materials that do look good and perform well. We will continue to see lots of unique products in this market that they probably haven’t seen for a while.

April: Tell me a little bit about who your ideal or perfect client is! Chomo: Ideal and perfect client is truly someone that is actually educated in home building, that may have actually built a home before, and that has a vision that they can see something and identify that specifically. This is what I like, this is what I don’t like, and someone that I get the sense of that expectation equals dollars and dollars equals expectations. The ideal client for us is one that can allow us to be the professional one that allows us to help them reach their ultimate goal and one that I know when we’re finished will feel like they have the home of their dreams.

April: You touched earlier about your team. How big is your team back in Lake Oswego? Chomo: We have 10 of us back in Lake Oswego. We’re up to 4 of us here in Boise. There is a little bit of overlap of managing our overhead from Oregon, from Lake Oswego and Boise, but right now there’s currently 14 of us total. We’ll probably add another 1 or 2 people here in the Boise market over the next 12 months.

April: So you’ve been in the Boise market for a couple of years now? Chomo: Yes April: And you’re just now breaking ground on your first development. And you’ve already got 4 full-time employees here in Boise? That’s amazing Chomo: We wanted to prepare. So one of the things I wanted to come out here with was a solid vision. And we knew that would be a little bit of shouldering on Teal Point in Oregon to allow us to get started out here with all the prep, all the details, and to just kind of watch that investment and that vision of that development come to fruition. So we are prepared. We have vetted the trade. We have found all the right partners that we feel will represent our quality of construction, that will represent our vision for being professionals in the workplace, and for making sure they’re representing us at the top level that we expect for our own clients. So, we’re ready.

April: So in some of those selections, how are you sourcing your products? Chomo: We like to source locally. So that was one of the pieces that we really swatted to work on here in Boise, as we wanted to source locally. There are good people here, there are very good people, very good contractors, very good suppliers here that really fit in our market. And it’s just finding out which ones fit that market exactly. We think we have a great team assembled so as locally as we can stay with our products. That’s what we’re trying to do. Some of the new products that we see coming in really haven’t hit the Boise market yet, but we’re bringing them in. And I would guess that we’ll see more of those products here over the next 12-24 months.

April: What advice would you give a home buyer considering building? Chomo: Today’s a good time. In our platform, we’ve seen all the construction pricing come to a grinding halt. In fact, we’ve seen numbers go the other way and we’re continuing to push those right now. There’s been a lack of manufacturing which has kind of driven inventory levels down to levels we’ve never seen before. And that’s what you would expect, right? Covid shut down the world, and the world is now waking back up. And as a result of that, you know, pricing we saw all kinds of pricing increase for the past two to three years. And now that’s changed, that’s now been reversed. I think you’re getting more value today than you were 6 months ago. We need to make sure that the end buyers are getting as much value as they possibly can. So today is a great time.


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